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Sanding leaves your floor neat and tidy with a smooth, professional finish. Below, you can see some before and after photos of real floor sanding projects that exemplify how this process can lift your entire room.

Sanding can: level out worn areas on high traffic or old floors; make old wooden floors look new; remove scratches, scuffs and other imperfections which lead to a dull appearance; remove old layers of varnish, allowing a new durable finish to be applied; bring out the natural patterns and grain in the wood. With so many laminated or wood-effect floors around, you want your real-wood beauty to stand out!


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We commence by sanding down the existing floor. We use five grades of abrasive belts decreasing in coarseness upon each sand. This wood floor sanding process not only prevents damage to the floor but allows each sand to become finer and therefore smoother. As we are experts in floor sanding, we leave a perfect finish with no scuffs or marks. When this is achieved, we apply the stain (if required), followed by 3 coats of lacquer, 2 of hard wax oil, according to the customer’s preference. This is buffed after each application to ensure no undulations occur on the surface and your floor looks fantastic.


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